FW’2013-2014 Show

We offer to your attention our new fall winter 2013–2014 collection. Toy wooden building kit served as a main theme of collection.

It is a story of childish curiosity and desire for discovering the world, inclination to build “castles in the air” and at the same time attentively explore the world. It is telling about irresistible desire of the child to discover the world by trials and errors. Distant dreams and fantasies are brought to life by geometrical forms of regular wooden building kit.

Rich range of colors in collection is at the same time calm and optimistic like a toy kaleidoscope. The unexpected inserts and combinations of completely different materials — wool, chiffon, cotton — add up to the general picture of the new collection. Specially for this collection, we developed several ornamental prints which will be also used for designer’s decoration of wooden kits sets for children.


Look 01

Two-tone beige flared dress with knitted sleeves

Look 02

Three-tone beige geometrical dress

Look 03

Volumetric pale beige coat with contrast white flared details

Look 04

Flared top with white incuts on knitted sleeves with fawn skirt

Look 05

Multicoloured sweatshirt with volumetric beige skirt

Look 06

Dark blue shirt with sheer details complete with bright blue skirt

Look 07

Russet shirt complete with burgundy red pants

Look 08

Blue dress-coat with brown incuts

Look 09

Burgundy red dress

Look 10

Red flared mini dress

Look 11

Terracotta coat

Look 12

Terracotta folded dress

Look 13

Orange pants with printed top and terracotta coat

Look 14

Printed top with mustard draped skirt

Look 15

Printed dress with volumetric geometrical cut coat

Look 16

Printed flared top with orange skirt

Look 17

White top with copper pants

Look 18

Copper and white flared dress