Baguette Bag

Baguette Bag

Cards are signed, bags packed and parcels sent, we finalized the shipping of the Baguette Bag orders collected via Wowcracy! It was a great experience, our bags are flying to so many countries: France, USA, Italy, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Singapore, Romania, Spain! We hope they will bring a piece of fun to everyone’s daily life. It is incredible how lots of people from all over the world believed in our creation and brought the project to life with the help of their lively interest and real orders. We appreciate every order and are happy to have such multinational clients list.

Great Thanks goes to:

  Rayner Tan   Veronica Olle Sese  
  Vincent Schmitt   Samantha Hinesley  
  Markus Harms   Elizabeth Wagner  
  Kazuya Sato   Aurelie et Clement Labeaune  
  Jasmine Lota   Joy Middleton  
  Andrea Gulisano   Cheryl Phillips  
  Dixie Yee   Mrs P. Willson  
  Clare Banner   Maria Cristina Giusti  
  Gabriella Colosso   Ioana Slaniceanu  
  Erica Campilongo   Ben  
  Kentaro Mieda   Nana Bianca  

Special thanks for the work of Wowcracy team, Davide Tronzano and Andrea Gulisano. So, as New York Magazine wrote: Don’t you want to be able to say you were on the right side of history? Or at least be the envy of all your baguette-loving friends? There is nothing as powerful, after all, as a baguette tote whose time has come.